K A Z E   R E T U R N S !

The underground-hit story of the samurai tiger that first screened in 2004 as an experimental, animated short film at film festivals and conventions worldwide, now continues in two separate productions!

KAZE: WINDS OF CHANGE (KGW Entertainment) tells the story of Kaze's history, his forbidden love for the crowned princess, and the betrayal that shattered a kingdom!

KAZE: GHOST WARRIOR (Declaration Pictures) continues the story that began in the experimental short film, following Kaze's quest to avenge the royal family and restore the kingdom to order!


Choose your path, and follow updates as both series ramp into production!



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kaze poster

Kaze: GhostWarrior 2014 Teaser

We just wanted to give you kats a little bit of an update!

Originally shown on August 28th, 2014 at the Eurofurence Convention in Berlin, Germany; this is a slightly cut down version of the Kaze: GhostWarrior teaser. Using the original assets from the groundbreaking short film of 12 years earlier our team had to produce this in less than 24 hours complete with music, titles and editing. It was announced at Eurofurence that Kaze: GhostWarrior would finally go to series after so many years much to the delight of fans in the audience. What really caught their attention however was the Oculus VR logo when it showed on screen. “Kaze” will be produced along side “Stasys” and both series represent the worlds first pair of VR/AR TV series.

The final look of the characters in Kaze will be different from those in the original short film of course. Technology has progressed so much in the last 12 years allowing for us to take advantage of GPU rendering and simulation technology for fur/hair (absolutely critical when dealing with Anthropomorphic creatures like Kaze). It was good to know however that the original assets and technology used to produce the original short film still worked.

Once realized in VR and AR, both shows will be an immersive experience yet allow for either lean forward or lean back viewer enjoyment. The VR editions will be very much like “being there” while the AR versions offer a radical departure from conventional entertainment of today. The AR experience is best described as having a stage play presented to you on your desktop, coffee table or in your living room, holographically projected in front of you.

Needless to say, these productions are cutting edge and represent the next big step in entertainment.

Kaze: GhostWarrior and Stasys: The Series are both being produced by Declaration Pictures Inc. in partnership with Dalton Industries Inc.

Kaze: Winds of Change – episode 1 – “Borne of Fire”


KAZE: WINDS OF CHANGE – Illustrated Radio Drama – episode 1

Prequel, Radio Drama series to the 2004 short-film: KAZE: GHOST WARRIOR



Director/Producer – Amadhia
Writers – Amadhia and DC King
Co-Producers – Jacob Williamson and DC King
Audio Director – J Mateo Baker

Cast (in order of appearance)

‘Bay – Nicola Kinsman
Kaze – Tren Sparks
Guard – Ryan McClendon
******* – ************
Itsua – Amadhia
Llysan – Amadhia
Kemyn – DC King
Jarrit – Tren Sparks
Tirrel – Justin P Reese
Varrin – Rahne Kallon
Tessoh – Nico Janssen

Announcer – Justin P Reese

Music by:
Fox Amoore
Nicola “Lilypad” Kinsman

Main Artwork (in order of appearance)

Alector Fencer
Bloodhound Omega

(Additional artwork by Amadhia)

It is the actors, the artists, the composers, the audio director, co-producers and co-writer that made this project what it is!

Please thank them for their work, “fan,” “follow,” and/or “fave” them on their applicable social media sites!

Let them know you appreciate what they do!

This Illustrated Radio Drama has been made possible in part by generous contributions from:

Gavyn Lumier
Justin “Sonicgott” Paul Reese
The Australian Dragons
Daniel Sherrett
WoLf-N-Critter’s  (facebook.com/wolf.n.critter)

…And from:

Chris Hvidsten
Conrad Thonger
Dan Davis
Dave Michaels
David L Eggleston
Erwin Burema
K Fox
Karl Wolfermann
Mark Michling
Michael “Ithica” Simmons
Michael Smith
Noda Raccoon
Richard gates
Sear Rodreguez
Terror Rage
Zachary Cason
Zebak LongFang
Zervon Tora

…And by the support of our entire community!

Thank you all for helping to bring this Illustrated Radio Drama to life!

WINDS OF CHANGE – episodes 1 & 2 Cast!

We wish to thank everyone who auditioned for the handful of open parts in the first two episodes of KAZE: WINDS OF CHANGE.

The outpouring of talent was simply amazing.  It was an immensely challenging task to choose from all who applied for each role, the characterizations that most closely captured the image the director has in her mind for each character.

So, without further ado, here is the cast for KAZE: WINDS OF CHANGE, episodes 1 & 2!


  • ANNOUNCER – Justin P. Reese – (confirmed)
  • ‘BAY – Nicola Kinsman – (confirmed)
  • GUARD – Ryan McClendon – (confirmed)
  • KAZE – Tren Sparks – (confirmed)
  • KEMYN – D.C. King – (confirmed)
  • LLYSAN – Amadhia Albee – (confirmed)
  • MATRON – Amadhia Albee – (confirmed)
  • MR. RISHAY – Dr. Sam Conway – (confirmed)
  • MRS. RISHAY – Laura Garabedian – (confirmed)
  • ROSHA – (TBA)
  • TESSOH – Nico Janssen (confirmed)
  • TIRREL – (TBA)
  • VARRIN – Rahne Kallon – (confirmed)


(Information subject to change without notice.)