WINDS OF CHANGE Kickstarter enters final week!

We are entering the final week of the KAZE: WINDS OF CHANGE, Illustrated Radio Drama Kickstarter:


The first 2 episodes are fully funded. In fact we are 2/3 of the way to funding the entire first season of 4 episodes!

If you help us pass the $5,000 mark, we’ll be able to produce the whole, 4-episode first season in quick succession! You’ll be able to follow Kaze’s story all the way up to his first trial by fire on the battlefield!

I’m thrilled with the support fans have shown for KAZE: WINDS OF CHANGE! I can’t wait to bring these episodes to life!

D.C. King, the series co-writer, took my story-arc and first drafts of the scripts and just hit them out of the park! I’ve never read scripts as powerful as these, including scripts from the season I spent working on Battlestar Galactica.

And oh my goodness, the actors! The cast we have, is absolutely top-shelf! And the new auditions pouring in are showing amazing talent. It’s breathtaking! (It is a such a beautifully difficult challenge choosing the lucky few who are going to voice the hand-full of open parts!)

The group of artists adding their vision to this Illustrated Radio Drama are among the very best Anthropomorphic community.

All this talent is going to make the impact of WINDS OF CHANGE light-years ahead of the 2004 experimental short film!

Thank you very much for your belief in this project, for your love of Kaze and for your support of ultra-independent storytelling! I can’t wait to be able to share with you the results of the team’s hard work!