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The story of Kaze as he rises through the ranks to become a member of the Royal Guard... his forbidden love... and the betrayal that destroyed a kingdom!





Kaze: Winds of Change – episode 1 – “Borne of Fire”


KAZE: WINDS OF CHANGE – Illustrated Radio Drama – episode 1

Prequel, Radio Drama series to the 2004 short-film: KAZE: GHOST WARRIOR



Director/Producer – Amadhia
Writers – Amadhia and DC King
Co-Producers – Jacob Williamson and DC King
Audio Director – J Mateo Baker

Cast (in order of appearance)

‘Bay – Nicola Kinsman
Kaze – Tren Sparks
Guard – Ryan McClendon
******* – ************
Itsua – Amadhia
Llysan – Amadhia
Kemyn – DC King
Jarrit – Tren Sparks
Tirrel – Justin P Reese
Varrin – Rahne Kallon
Tessoh – Nico Janssen

Announcer – Justin P Reese

Music by:
Fox Amoore
Nicola “Lilypad” Kinsman

Main Artwork (in order of appearance)

Alector Fencer
Bloodhound Omega

(Additional artwork by Amadhia)

It is the actors, the artists, the composers, the audio director, co-producers and co-writer that made this project what it is!

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Let them know you appreciate what they do!

This Illustrated Radio Drama has been made possible in part by generous contributions from:

Gavyn Lumier
Justin “Sonicgott” Paul Reese
The Australian Dragons
Daniel Sherrett
WoLf-N-Critter’s  (facebook.com/wolf.n.critter)

…And from:

Chris Hvidsten
Conrad Thonger
Dan Davis
Dave Michaels
David L Eggleston
Erwin Burema
K Fox
Karl Wolfermann
Mark Michling
Michael “Ithica” Simmons
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Richard gates
Sear Rodreguez
Terror Rage
Zachary Cason
Zebak LongFang
Zervon Tora

…And by the support of our entire community!

Thank you all for helping to bring this Illustrated Radio Drama to life!

WINDS OF CHANGE – episodes 1 & 2 Cast!

We wish to thank everyone who auditioned for the handful of open parts in the first two episodes of KAZE: WINDS OF CHANGE.

The outpouring of talent was simply amazing.  It was an immensely challenging task to choose from all who applied for each role, the characterizations that most closely captured the image the director has in her mind for each character.

So, without further ado, here is the cast for KAZE: WINDS OF CHANGE, episodes 1 & 2!


  • ANNOUNCER – Justin P. Reese – (confirmed)
  • ‘BAY – Nicola Kinsman – (confirmed)
  • GUARD – Ryan McClendon – (confirmed)
  • KAZE – Tren Sparks – (confirmed)
  • KEMYN – D.C. King – (confirmed)
  • LLYSAN – Amadhia Albee – (confirmed)
  • MATRON – Amadhia Albee – (confirmed)
  • MR. RISHAY – Dr. Sam Conway – (confirmed)
  • MRS. RISHAY – Laura Garabedian – (confirmed)
  • ROSHA – (TBA)
  • TESSOH – Nico Janssen (confirmed)
  • TIRREL – (TBA)
  • VARRIN – Rahne Kallon – (confirmed)


(Information subject to change without notice.)

WINDS OF CHANGE Kickstarter enters final week!

We are entering the final week of the KAZE: WINDS OF CHANGE, Illustrated Radio Drama Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/556886039/kaze-winds-of-change


The first 2 episodes are fully funded. In fact we are 2/3 of the way to funding the entire first season of 4 episodes!

If you help us pass the $5,000 mark, we’ll be able to produce the whole, 4-episode first season in quick succession! You’ll be able to follow Kaze’s story all the way up to his first trial by fire on the battlefield!

I’m thrilled with the support fans have shown for KAZE: WINDS OF CHANGE! I can’t wait to bring these episodes to life!

D.C. King, the series co-writer, took my story-arc and first drafts of the scripts and just hit them out of the park! I’ve never read scripts as powerful as these, including scripts from the season I spent working on Battlestar Galactica.

And oh my goodness, the actors! The cast we have, is absolutely top-shelf! And the new auditions pouring in are showing amazing talent. It’s breathtaking! (It is a such a beautifully difficult challenge choosing the lucky few who are going to voice the hand-full of open parts!)

The group of artists adding their vision to this Illustrated Radio Drama are among the very best Anthropomorphic community.

All this talent is going to make the impact of WINDS OF CHANGE light-years ahead of the 2004 experimental short film!

Thank you very much for your belief in this project, for your love of Kaze and for your support of ultra-independent storytelling! I can’t wait to be able to share with you the results of the team’s hard work!



KAZE: WINDS OF CHANGE (ep’s 1&2) open auditions now closed

We wish to thank everyone who submitted auditions!

There was such a turn-out, and such talent represented, it’s going to be quite the challenge to narrow that down to the handful of open parts!


On Friday, August 1, we will be posting a list of the cast we’ve chosen from this round of auditions, and will be contacting those actors directly for confirmation of their acceptance of their roles.

Kaze: Return of the Tiger

kaze poster

Return of the Tiger

Kaze comes to Screen, Window, Kickstarter

PITTSBURG, July 4 — Ten years after Ghost Warrior, award-winning animator Emily Amadhia Albee celebrated Kaze’s anniversary with two big announcements: plans for an animated action/drama Kaze television series scheduled for 2015 release, and an illustrated radio drama prequel series, “Winds of Change,” debuting in the fall of 2014.

The original film Kaze: Ghost Warrior was an experimental animated short feature released in 2004. The film, a fantasy/action story set a land inspired by feudal Japan, introduced Kaze, a noble tiger warrior looking for a foe from his past. Amadhia Albee created the film to show what a single, dedicated artist could create on a tight timeline and budget: the Ghost Warrior 22-minute animated short was created in six months with only $5,000, with Albee filling all roles, including writer, director, animator, voices, and sound effects and musical score. Albee recently released the Kaze animated film on Youtube to recognize the film’s 10th anniversary.

sq02_responseAlbee revealed the two new Kaze projects at her “Kaze: A Retrospective” panel at Anthrocon 2014, launching the kickstarter for her upcoming prequel project, “Winds of Change.” The “Winds of Change” radio drama is a collaborative project with co-writer D.C. King, composer/pianist/keyboardist Fox Amoore, and a troupe of voice actors. “Winds of Change” will be produced by Albee’s new company, KGW Entertainment.

The full “Winds of Change” series is expected to be a 12-16 episode, illustrated audio drama exploring Kaze’s world, his history, and the romance and betrayal leading up to the Ghost Warrior film. Early episodes will feature illustrations  by Alector Fencer, Balaa, Bloodhound Omega, and Thornwolf, depending on backer response.

Albee’s other big announcement was a return to animation, requested by fans since the original film’s launch. The Kaze animated series, to be produced by Declaration Pictures Inc., is scheduled for preproduction in Fall, 2014, with episodes in full production in early 2015. Kelly Lee Myers, Declaration Pictures president, said of the Kaze animated project, “The series will be cutting edge in terms of the technology use to bring Kaze to life, and so will the story-lines and characters. This is not going to be a kids’ show by any means. Our intention is to make it as hard-hitting and gritty as any live-action action/drama on TV today…”

Kaze_1Myers will be heading up development of the Kaze series, with Amadhia Albee as Creative Consultant.

Funding for the “Winds of Change” audio drama series on Kickstarter continues through August 4.

For further information, please visit:
Declaration Pictures: www.declarationpictures.com
Kaze: Ghost Warrior: www.kazeghostwarrior.com or @kaze_gw on twitter

Get the latest information on Winds of Change at the Kaze Kickstarter campaign!


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